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If you’re reading this you’re probably very driven and have accomplished staggering goals in the face of adversity, even while overextending yourself.

You can solve any problem and love helping others. The dark side of this is that you can become overwhelmed and lose focus on what is most important to you and what you should do next. 

You’re craving simplicity and you’re ready for a change even though you’re secretly feeling paralyzed by perfectionism and doubt.

If this sounds like you, read on.

My name’s Amanda. As a functional medicine practitioner, I finally solved my own health issues after 20 years of struggle and helped others just like me find their freedom in health. I ran my own wellness clinic, innovated and moved on when it wasn’t a good fit for me anymore. I can see the whole picture and all the moving pieces and have a passion for finding solutions. I can develop systems to simplify any task to create more time and space for joy. I love teaching, inspiring and empowering others.

Underneath all of that, I love people, and I understand them. I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without this love.

These days, I’m a coach to people like you.

One of your strengths is determination and that can have a dark side because it’s difficult to accept that you need to take a new direction. Sometimes it can be difficult to clarify and trust what your heart is telling you about your next step.

If you’re ready to create a simplified life you love that is focused on what matters to you, then we should have a conversation.