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To Our Patients

As of January 30th, Dr. Hennigar will be moving her practice 1232 Ashdale Road, Mt Uniacke, NS.

While Dr. Hennigar’s in-person consults and appointments will remain the standard, she will also be balancing her practice with both phone and video consults and appointments.

Dr. Hennigar will continue to offer personalized treatment based in functional medicine and coaching. Simply, none of our services – or standard of service – will change. In fact, the intent is that video and phone consults will increase our level of service to you, our patients.

Here’s to an exciting – and healthy – 2018!

New to functional medicine?

Dr. Hennigar is a trained functional medicine practitioner and naturopathic doctor. She finds out what is really going on with your health with advanced testing and a thorough health history. Personalized treatment plans, support, and coaching make achieving your health goals a reality.

Feel free to book a complimentary consult find out how Dr. Hennigar can help.

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