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Ginger and orange, your cold fighting team

We’ve all been there, waking up to a mild sore throat signifying the beginning of a cold. January has been a particularly busy time for me. Sleep and routine have been a tricky to maintain. My body let me know this morning with those familiar sensations. While I was rooting through my fridge to find my fresh ginger and oranges I realized this juice shouldn’t be a secret! If you like ginger and spice and are feeling a cold might be or is coming on then this is the cold preventer for you.

Ginger is one of my favourite plant medicines. I’m just scratching the surface here but ginger works similarly to ibuprofen/Advil, it’s warming and soothing on a cold day and helps with nausea. The reason that it is known to be helpful for preventing that cold you feel coming on from getting worse is that it prevents the common cold virus from infecting nearby cells in your throat. I add oranges to moderate the heat from the ginger and add some vitamin C to help my immune system fight the virus.

If you’re currently pregnant, taking medications or have serious health conditions check with your Naturopathic Doctor before consuming this juice.


  • 1 lb fresh ginger
    • If it is wrinkled and rubbery it’s not as fresh. Watch out for mould that might be evident on ends where the root was cut.
  • 2 lbs oranges
    • I usually save money be buying the smaller oranges in a bag. They also tend to be juicer and more flavourful.
    • Avoid using “fresh juice” from a carton. It’s anything but fresh.  Some places offer fresh squeezed orange juice. If it’s more than a few days old opt for making your own.



  • Cut the skins off the oranges and any parts of the ginger that don’t look fresh. If you leave the peel on, the essential oils in the peel and any left over chemicals from farming go in your juice and can be irritating to your lips and mouth.
  • Run the oranges and ginger through the juicer.
  • Bottle into mason jars. I like using the smallest ones and just popping a few in my bag to sip on when I am out for the day.
  • Refrigerate the extra for the coming days (up to 4 days max)


  • Honey and cayenne pepper or lemon can be added to this to boost it’s effects. The most important part is to consume the ginger juice so play around with your own recipe and see what suits your tastes.

Consumption Tips:

  • Sip it slowly throughout the day. The key is to make sure that the juice is contacting your throat. If you drink it all at once you’ll not only miss out on the effects but you also might feel very hot for an hour or so after.
  • Keep some by your bed when you’re sleeping. If you wake up take a sip.
  • It’s normal to feel warm after drinking this juice.
  • If you’re currently pregnant and/or taking medications check with your Naturopathic Doctor before consuming this juice.


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