The trick for keeping greens fresh!

Food can bring us so much joy. A glorious shopping trip yields herbs, lettuces, arugula, chard and kale. At this time of year they are so fresh and near impossible to resist.

On returning home all those lovely groceries get thrown in the fridge. Faster than we realize life ensues! Suddenly, we’re moving those once amazing greens from the fridge to the compost, yet again, and maybe shedding a small tear.

Enter an incredibly easy and cheap solution. If you’re an organizer, you’re going to love this.

Finding myself in the situation above more times than I can count and feeling bad about the wastage I called my mom, Debbie. I owe my organizational skills to her and aired my green frustrations. She mentioned that she’d started using plastic shoe/storage boxes for storing greens in the fridge.

I immediately evicted some of my shoes from their homes, washed the boxes and put my lettuces in one box and herbs in another.  I stacked them in the fridge and enjoyed the dopamine boost that the greens, I could now see, where encouraging in my brain (the colour green and nature scenes are therapeutic.)

Then I waited, and waited and waited. A week went by and the herbs were in “mint” condition. The lettuce was crisp and flavourful. I tested for another week. Sometimes I could even pull off over two weeks and still have edible greens. I discovered that the lid can be left tight or not fully secured on one corner to allow for air flow.

Ever since then I’ve been using this method. While I wish there was a glass solution that worked so I could avoid plastic it’s allowed me to have greens on hand conveniently. Plastics are a bigger concern when something fat based is used in them or when they are heated along with the contents.

Using this method, I now:

  • waste less
  • eat more greens
  • save trips to the market
  • feel less guilty about that trip to the compost

I also get a little organizer joy when I open the fridge. I see my greens with a fridge light halo around them and never have to root around looking for something only to grab a mushy bag of composting parsley. Decreased yuck factor!

Happy munching!

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