Mocktail love: so good you’ll wonder if it’s spiked.

There are lots of reasons to enjoy a cocktail from relaxing to forming connections without those pesky barriers in the way. However, there are arguably way more reasons to skip the booze cruise. Easier said than done. I’ve tried lots of mocktails but always feel like they are missing something…. hummmm.

My body doesn’t tolerate alcohol well. I’ve tried to argue with it.  I’ve recommitted to a booze free life, for a while at least, with help from my understanding family and friends. It’s not easy but a lot of benefits have ensued. I enjoy super productive Sunday’s, healthy effortless weight loss, more joy, more mindfulness practice, better sleep and more! The benefits of being on the wagon are long and would require a whole post. For now, if you’re curious, try this recipe and see how you feel this Sunday.

The Solidarity Collins


  • Lemons – lots of lemons
  • Maple syrup/honey
  • Ice chunks (not crushed ice, should be big chunks so it doesn’t melt but keeps the drink cold)
  • a cocktail glass or your choice – very important for the mocktail

Here is the ratio for one drink, double, triple etc to make more.

  • 2 Lemons squeezed thoroughly
  • 1 tbsp of maple syrup, try to make do with less so as not to “spike” your blood sugar
  • Mix the lemon juice and your maple syrup in glass,
  • Fill your glass with the ice chunks, pour the lemon juice and maple syrup mixture in the glass into your ice filled glass. Add some soda water if you like.
  • Garnish with fresh herbs
  • Sip and enjoy, feed off of other people’s inebriated state.
  • If you get creative add a drop of juniper essential oil (avoid if you’re sensitive) to bring in the gin taste

Why I love this:

  • Intense flavour and so closely mimics the real Tom Collins
  • Easy to prepare in advance of a party
  • Nearly impossible to screw up
  • Lemon juice is a source of Vitamin C
  • Boosts your acid levels in your stomach which helps with digesting  a protein heavy meal


  • Acid erosion of your teeth enamel is a real thing. Drinking with a straw will help.
  • Avoid if you have stomach ulcers
  • Might aggravate heart burn
  • Do not consume if you use NSAIDS (Ibuprophen, Tylenol, Aspirin) on a regular basis or at the same time.


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