Essential apps to keep your lifestyle on track.

Toodledo: My most used app. It lets me put in tasks, organize them by folder, due date and priority level. I can even put notes or attach documents to them in the list. Once my tasks are recorded, the app will automatically prioritize them based on the date due and the priority level. I can search them as well for key words and the different folders I have set up. The app will sync across all devices in real time and can input the items on their due date into your calendar. Re-prioritizing as the days go by is fast and easy. When I’m completed a task I get to check it off my list for the satisfaction. At Bespoke Clinic, Tori and I each have an account that we use to share and assign tasks to one another for non patient items. There is one built into our electronic medical records software that we use for patient items.

Takeaway: Get the To-Do list out of your head and into the app so you can focus on work, life, and self care.

Evernote: This app is a note taking workhorse. My favorite part of it is the web clipper that allows you to clip articles and instantly save them in your evernote database with the folders you have set up. It syncs across all apps and you can share folders. The notes are flexible as you can drop in photos, write text and audio record. I use this app a lot when I am at conferences. I record the audio, type my notes at the top and add the electronic notes from the presenter all into the same note. Notes are searchable by text and text recognition of even words in photos!

Google Drive: I love Evernote for everything except document backup and prep. I use Google Drive’s feature of having a physical drive on my computer as my back up. I work on documents in the office suite of programs and then save to the Google Drive on my computer which syncs with my online google drive account. Once it’s in there, I can share folders with other collaborators. It’s easy to grab documents that are attached to email from my gmail and file them away in google drive or vice versa.

Buddhify: Mindfulness is on a lot of people’s radars these days. The research continues to pile up on the effectiveness of mindfulness for reducing stress levels, the root of many illnesses. Check out our social media feeds for the latest updates. Learning how to slow down, put the phone away and focus on only one thing is a skill we’ve lost in this modern life. I needed some extra support to keep me on track in my mindfulness practice as life became busier and found Buddhify. It’s basically Songza for meditation and I find it an essential tool in my mindfulness practice. If I only have five minutes, I pop in my head phones and let the audio track bring me back into my body while stress melts away.

Yoga Studio: Don’t have time for the gym? Can’t make it to that yoga class? Need a quick 15 minute practice before bed or on waking? Yoga Studio is an app I use regularly to get my yoga practice in even when I am on the go. The audio is so soothing and can be customized to your liking. There is a calendar function that you can use to schedule classes and sync it with your actually calendar. With Beginner to Advanced classes of different lengths and styles you can find anything you need here. I do advise that anyone who hasn’t done yoga before attend a few weeks of classes and do a check in once a month later on to make sure your postures are correct to prevent any injury.

Happify: This is a new app to me. It’s easy in our lives to get caught up focusing on the bad/unpleasant items. This app takes us from that state into joy land with simple games, gratitude exercises and more. I use it when I am feeling overwhelmed with difficulties (having a bad day).

Inner Balance by Heart Math: This app is also new to me and requires an adapter for your phone. It measures heart rate variability which relates to your stress levels. Using the app, you can learn how to improve your scores and thus your stress levels. For anyone who needs real-time objective measurements of how they are doing coping with life this would be a fantastic tool. I use it as a double check. I think about something that I feel I may not be being honest with myself about. Soon after, I have real time feedback on how my body responds to the emotions that correspond to that issue.

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