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Becoming a Patient

Step 1: Complementary Health Evaluation

Your complimentary health evaluation gives you a chance to talk about your case and ask questions about working with Dr. Hennigar. This consult is by phone or video and can be set up by contacting Dr. Hennigar.

Step 2: Complimentary Coaching Session

Coaching is an integral component to Dr. Hennigar’s approach to health. What we’ve experienced in our lives has a huge impact on how we view and interact with the world, ourselves and our health. Dr. Hennigar has experienced first hand and through her patients that personal growth is necessary for implementing treatment plans and maintaining optimal health. In this session, you’ll experience deeply powerful coaching.

Step 3: Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Do you ever wish someone would listen and look at your whole case? The comprehensive health evaluation is a thorough look at your health history, goals, family history, lab results, and your own thoughts about your health. Dr. Hennigar will take time to explain your health picture from a functional medicine perspective and review your current lab results with you.  Lastly, you and Dr. Hennigar will assess if she is the right practitioner to guide you on your healing journey.

Step 4: Case Review – Becoming a Patient

Dr. Hennigar knows first hand how important one on one dedicated support is for healing. She only works with patients that she is confident she can help. To provide the intensive support that you need to turn your health around, she limits her practice to a small number of clients. In most cases, a significant investment in your health is needed to properly assess, treat and set you up for long term success. Think of it as a semester of school to set you on the right health path for the rest of your life. Your time with Dr. Hennigar will be determined by your unique case, needs and related timelines. However, most patients require at least 6 months to see maximum improvements in their health.

Dr. Hennigar supports you by:

  • Recommending and discussing more advanced lab work where needed and explaining your results in detail, answering any questions you have.

  • Creating a comprehensive report on the patterns occurring with your health, the information to support the patterns (lab results and symptoms) and the step by step treatments to get you feeling better right away.

  • Providing you with personalized diet, lifestyle, and natural medicine recommendations and adjusting your plan over time as your health changes and improves.

  • Educating you about your own health so that you can be your most important health advocate. Knowledge is power.

  • Teaching you how to be accountable and excited about your own health; empowering you to sustain your successes into the future.

  • Giving access to Dr. Hennigar’s Health Insiders Private Facebook Group where she shares presentations, information and case studies on healthy living, specific conditions, testing options and treatments.

  • Granting coaching appointments without the usual multi-month commitment for stand alone coaching. Patients particularly enjoy being able to check in with coaching when there is room in their life to live more authentically to achieve their goals.

Continuing Care:

Follow-up appointments with Dr. Hennigar are generally up to 60 minutes long and can be completed via video call, phone or in-person. The timing of the appointments depends greatly on your case. Some patients follow-up every few weeks and others every few months. The goal is to improve your health so that you require only an annual follow-up or only if something new arises in your case.


Many insurance and health spending plans cover Naturopathic Medicine appointments. Sales tax is not charged on your appointments. Many of these fees are income tax-deductible as a health care spending item. All fees are due at the end of your appointments

Initial Consult Appointment – $225 up to 60 minutes

Case Review Appointment – $675 up to 90 minutes in appointment and up to 8 hours of out of appointment time dedicated to reviewing your health history, labs, interconnections between your health concerns and creating your treatment plan and case review.

Regular Follow-up – $225 for up to 60 minutes

Laboratory Testing:

The tests needed to complete your Case Review depend on your unique case. Dr. Hennigar will always recommends the most comprehensive list of preferred testing and explain why. Case Review testing ranges from $250 – 1850 and is most often in the middle of this range but this depends on your case and financial situation.

Depending on budget constraints, some of the testing can be delayed. The only time that this becomes an effective decision is if the patient is committing to significant lifestyle changes. A $50 interpretation fee is charged for each test ordered outside of the initial Case Review process.


High quality, effective supplements are prescribed carefully with evidence to support their use. Depending on your treatment plan, the expected cost of supplements needed in your case may range from $150-400.

Total Cost of Case Review:

Given the components of the treatment plan, the full cost of the Case Review process with Dr. Hennigar ranges from $1300-2750 in most cases.

Cost of Continuing Care:

Ongoing supplement and re-testing costs will depend on how your case progresses.

Please contact Dr. Hennigar to book your complimentary health evaluation.


Becoming a Coaching Client

Coaching information call

Achieving the authentic life you’d like to live takes time and dedication. It’s exciting and empowering to act on your goals with focus and support. Dr. Hennigar only works with select group of clients that she knows she can help. Your complimentary coaching information call gives you a chance to briefly talk about your goals, ask questions, and understand how Dr. Hennigar coaches. This consult is by phone or video and can be set up by contacting Dr. Hennigar.

Please contact Dr. Hennigar to book your coaching information call.


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