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Functional Life Coaching

I gained clarity and really a sense of permission that it’s OK to create an ideal scenario and start to implement it or at least aspects of it. Your experience really highlighted that with how you want to simplify, and that you have and are doing that to live the life you want. I’ve been trying to force myself into a box, and not even my own box, so I realize it’s time I figure out what works best for me and do my best to take action.


I was so blow away by how much we accomplished in two hours. First of all, I was happy to receive some coaching JUST so I see if it’s something I could use later… like when I really needed a coach because… as of right now I was doing okay. Well… the subtle way Amanda has with her keen listening skills, pertinent questions and nudges I realized I REALLY needed a coach. At the end of the session I felt confident moving forward with my project, fully equipped with a clear direction. Plus, and most importantly, I feel I have a great coach in my corner for going forward.

Elizabeth Brown

I loved Amanda’s coaching- she’s focused and asks precise questions to take you right to the heart of the matter, she constantly astounded me and caught me off guard, which is a fantastic quality in a coach – to get us out of our own way. I also found her professional and even though we didn’t know each other, I easily connected with her and felt like “I was in good hands”. I would highly recommend Amanda’s coaching!

Kelli Urquhart

Kitchen Restart

Amanda did a culinary makeover for me in July 2018. We had recently renovated our very dated and non-functional kitchen, but my previous love of cooking did not reappear along with the new cabinets and counter-tops. Feeding my family had become drudgery, and this fact was depressing, considering the amount of time I spent doing it.

I brought in Amanda to give me the fresh start I desperately needed. She helped me identify the practical and logistical barriers to efficient and enjoyable food preparation, and thus a healthy lifestyle, and develop simple strategies and organizational tools to overcome them. She was non-judgmental, realistic, super organized, and a wealth of knowledge.

To my surprise the whole process was highly enjoyable and I am now reaping the benefits. I spend substantially less time on food prep these days, yet my family has been eating better than ever. My kitchen is now reorganized, simplified and flows beautifully. My meal planning and electronic grocery lists, which she helped me create, now mean I am always stocked with fresh and healthy ingredients. It is actually (dare I say?) becoming pleasurable to cook again.

I cannot recommend this service enough to anyone who is considering it.

Carly Sutherland