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Dr. Hennigar is a trained functional medicine practitioner and naturopathic doctor. She uses her knowledge and the experience she gained working through her own health issues to coach clients on their path to living their best life.

Read on to find out more about how she can help you streamline your life and optimize your health.



Empowering you to create more impact by putting yourself first.

Through Dr. Hennigar’s experience with hundreds of patients and her own healing journey, she realized that people have difficulty putting themselves first. Coaching is an in-depth look at how your experiences in your life shape the way you view the life you have and the choices you make.

Once you understand the connections between your health with functional medicine and the unique understanding of yourself that coaching brings, you’re truly free to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Interested in coaching?

It really needs to be experienced to be understood.

Contact Dr. Hennigar for more information about this powerful service.


Functional Medicine

Lifestyle, environment and genetics contribute to your health. We just haven’t genetically evolved fast enough to adapt to modern life. Surgery and medications keep us alive, but our quality of life is slowly being eroded by chronic disease. Today it is estimated that 50% of Americans have a chronic illness. A further 25% have two or more chronic diseases.

Functional medicine treats you as an individual by addressing the lifestyle you lead, the environment you live in and the genes that impact your health. Data collected when analyzing your test results and health history allow for targeted, personalized treatment plans. Root causes of your health conditions are identified and addressed so that symptoms are resolved, rather than suppressed.

With functional medicine, every symptom is a piece of your case puzzle. Believe me when I say that I want to hear about everything that is going on with your health. What you know about your health is a wealth of information and opportunity for us to truly help you reach your health goals.

Functional Medicine

Health oriented

Patient centered

Biochemical individuality


Cost Effective

Looks at underlying causes of disease

Preventative approach

Conventional Medicine

Disease oriented

Doctor centered

Everyone is treated the same



Diagnosis based on symptoms

Early detection of disease

Functional Medicine Focuses

Digestive problems and gastrointestinal health issues

Therapeutic nutritional approaches

Stress management and sleep problems

Autoimmune diseases

Fatigue, low energy and poor sleep

Hormone imbalances including adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones

Cognitive and neurological disorders


Period cramps, fibroids, endometriosis and other women’s health conditions

Chronic vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections

Fertility for both males and females

Unexplained health issues

Testing Dr. Hennigar Works With

Regular Blood Work -B12, Ferritin, Cholesterol etc.

Genova – Organix Acids Testing

Precision Analytical – DUTCH Hormone Testing

Cyrex Labs – Advanced Food Sensitivity and Autoimmune Screening

Stool Testing – various

SIBO Testing

Genetic Testing

Lyme and Co-Infection Testing

Nutritional Testing – various

Functional Medicine Readiness

  • Engagement: You’ve got to be ready. Ready to put yourself first, to reach for your goals and to shake up your health for the better. I’ve been there myself and as much as it can feel daunting, this is a key part of your success. Get real about why your want your health to improve, be it to play with your grandkids, climb a mountain, enjoy life or whatever you truly wish for. Be brave and know you deserve your own definition of health freedom and that it’s okay to hope for it and put yourself behind achieving it.

  • Evaluation: In your initial consult, you’ll be asked detailed questions about your perspective on your health, your health history and your goals. Tests will be ordered and relevant physical exams will carried out. The results of your evaluation will be used to create a comprehensive understanding of your health which I will explain to you in detail in your Case Review.

  • Enactment: Personalized functional medicine plans require investment from you and I to create a plan that will help you find your health freedom. The combination of powerful testing and thorough evaluation yields a treatment plan designed to get results. It will require exciting changes for which I am here to support you every step of the way.

  • Evolution: Medicine, like most things, is neither black nor white. Response to treatment is usually positive. Sometimes course corrections are needed. Your treatment plan will evolve based on how your respond to it and where we are in improving your health. Functional medicine looks to address as many layers at once as is reasonable. Functional medicine may be the key that finally unlocks your health and freedom. Are you ready?


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What is Functional Medicine? Lifestyle, environment and genetics contribute to your health. We just haven't genetically evolved fast enough to adapt to modern life. Surgery and medications keep people alive, but our quality of life is slowly being eroded by chronic disease. Today it is estimated that 50% of Americans [...]

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