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Dr. Hennigar’s online services make it easy to stay healthy.

Please note that online booking is now available through your patient portal below. 

Patients and coaching clients of Dr. Hennigar have access to an online portal. Allowing you to access information on your treatments and appointments at any time. Online booking is now available through the patient portal.


Dr. Hennigar uses a convenient online dispensary to make sure you get your supplements when you need them.


Online Video Consults are available from Dr. Hennigar for most appointment types. Make your health a priority, no matter where you are!


Hidden causes of chronic muscle and joint pain

Joint pain is something we have all experienced, usually after an injury. The pain most often resolves on it's own or with treatment. Dehydration, infection, electrolyte imbalances, overuse, and inactivity are common reasons for systemic muscle and joint pain in healthy people. Chronic widespread joint and muscle pain is something that often [...]

Winter flu remedies

So, you did everything you could and still came down with the flu. It happens to us all. Including me, I was sidelined last year and it was a tough go. These natural remedies cushioned the blow reduced how much over the counter medication I took. Conventional Medications: NSAID medications like [...]

The secret to positive change

How many times have you tried to positively change your life? How many times did that positive change stick? Dan Millman wrote a book called Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives. Socrates, a character in the book reminds us to focus our attention on building the new, rather [...]

Why and how to make bone broth

What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is a traditional food found across the world that is prepared a variety of ways. Generally, it involves boiling animal/fish bones and joints in water for a number of hours with an acid added to extract minerals. The resulting broth is used for soups, consumed as [...]

Is coffee healthy?

Coffee! There can be misconceptions about what I do. Sometimes it really surprises me. Recently, I found out that some people might not want to become a patient because I might tell them to stop drinking coffee, even though they'd really like help with their health concerns. Coffee has become such a contentious [...]

Functional Medicine – truly personalized healthcare

What is Functional Medicine? Lifestyle, environment and genetics contribute to your health. We just haven't genetically evolved fast enough to adapt to modern life. Surgery and medications keep people alive, but our quality of life is slowly being eroded by chronic disease. Today it is estimated that 50% of Americans [...]

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